Fortnite is launching a concert series it hopes will become a ‘tour stop’ for artists

Epic built a soundstage in LA just for

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The party royale concerts, meanwhile, are meant to be smaller-scale shows that can help fill in those long gaps. “I imagine we’ll continue to do amazing events in the future as well,” says Nanzer. “But we want this to be a regular heartbeat of awesome live music events, between those bigger moments in time.

So far the likes of Diplo, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, and Kenshi Yonezu have performed music, while the theater has been used to screen a Tenet trailer, Epic’s Apple-mocking short “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite,” and even a discussion about race in America. “They’ve been performing really well, we’ve seen millions of people come and engage with these different shows that have happened to date in party royale,” Nanzer says. “So we’ve been looking at that and figuring out how we can do this more often.

The studio is meant to make performances bigger and more impressive, starting with Fike. “This will be a full live concert broadcast into the game,” says Nanzer. “He’s going to be playing with his band, and he’s going to be playing his new music live for the first time.

The ultimate goal is to turn Fornite’s virtual venue into one that becomes an integral part of the music scene. “It’s something that we’re thinking about as a platform for artists,” Nanzer says. “Similar to the way if you’re an artist and you have a new album coming out, you might play on Fallon or Saturday Night Live, or some platform like that.

It’s all part of a bigger plan to turn Fortnite’s virtual stage into an important place for musicians. “This is a tour stop,” explains Nate Nanzer, Fortnite’s head of global partnerships. “If you’re on tour, you want to stop on the Fortnite stage.

In the future, the team at Epic is hoping use the stage to utilize mixed and augmented reality effects. (Helpfully, Epic also makes the Unreal Engine, which can be used to build these kinds of experiences. ) Nanzer also says that Epic is looking at making these events longer.

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