Google's phone app can tell you why businesses are calling

The app will soon be available on more Android devices

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The feature is akin to Google’s Verified SMS function, in that even if you don’t have a business’ number saved, you’ll be able to tell who’s calling before you answer.

Google is doing more to help Android users figure out whether calls from unknown numbers are genuine or spam with a Verified Calls tool.

If Google has verified a business that’s calling you (which it does in real-time to prevent spoofing), your screen will display the caller’s name and logo along with a verification symbol.

That’s useful, because you might not care to answer a promotional call, but you’ll probably want to pick up to learn about flight time changes or if your bank wants to ask about unusual charges on your credit card.

It's easy to miss important calls from businesses, like from your bank or food delivery service, because you don't want to answer an unknown caller.

The Verified Calls feature is initially available in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India.

Later this week, those with select devices running Android Pie and above (including LG and Samsung flagships) can download the app from the Google Play Store.

We're working to fix that with Verified Calls on Google's Phone app → pic. twitter.

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