How I cleaned up my embarrassing Twitter history

How I cleaned up my embarrassing Twitter history

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Though Twitter doesn’t currently allow users to delete tweets in bulk, you can use third-party services like tweetdeleter. com, TweetDelete, or Twitter Archive Eraser to remove up to thousands of tweets at a time.

You might find tweets with words like "guilty pleasure," "hate," and "drunk" worth manually deleting, but everyone’s account is different, so search for the words that pertain to you.

If you want to take a truly in-depth look at your past tweets you (brave soul) might consider requesting your full Twitter archive.

As you search through your tweets, there’s a chance you’ll decide your account is beyond saving and it’s time to start fresh. Go for it.

To search a specific period of time on Twitter, simply input a desired date range — which can span from days to months or years — into the advanced search bar.

To search your Twitter archive, simply type your handle in the "From these accounts" section. (You can also search "from:" in Twitter’s basic search box followed by a handle to get the same results.

But just as you can search your own archive, you could search anyone’s tweets simply by plugging their handle into the advanced search bar.

There’s one friend you can count on during this dreaded path to online self-improvement: Twitter’s very own advanced search tool which you can access on desktop, Android or iPhone.

The feature gives people a simple way to search their own tweets and filter by keywords, phrases, usernames, locations, and dates.

I’m sure my mom would be pleased to know I have zero incriminating tweets about being drunk. (I regret to inform her that over the years I’ve tweeted my fair share of other embarrassing content.

You can use one of the third-party services listed above to wipe your history and delete all tweets, or to create an entirely new account.

Revisiting the past — and trying to mass delete tweets — revealed some harsh truths about my social media usage: In my younger years I tweeted too often and way too freely.

If you’re in any doubt about your online past, I highly suggest you search your own Twitter archive and do the same.

The site allows you to search your direct messages and tweets you’ve favorited.

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