I use this piece of camping equipment every morning at home

It's a true love

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It can keep liquids hot for 4 hours, cold for 9 hours and iced for 24 hours, and the steel mesh filter keeps the grounds in place as you pour, so you’re left with only a robust, rich cup of coffee with very little sediment (much less than my glass French press leaves).

I have since tried all methods of coffee brewing at home — single-pod machines (too wasteful), pour-overs (too technical), stovetop cezves (too gritty) — but nothing has ever come close to recreating that ethereal experience of the first time I used my Stanley French press around that campfire… until I decided to bring him into the kitchen.

The BPA-free stainless-steel body is reinforced by double-wall vacuum insulation, making sure the coffee is poured out at exactly the same temperature as the water you poured into the container (water temperature is a crucial factor for brewing a perfect French press coffee; I prefer mine at 195 degrees Fahrenheit).

French press coffee is all about the experience, where the ritual somehow becomes equally important in the way the coffee tastes; a fact that Chicago French Press founder Kris Christian can personally attest.

"My love for the French press method started on a trip to Los Angeles to visit my best friend, Warren. [He] took me to a local cafe where they served French press coffee.

The Stanley company has been making all-steel vacuum bottles since 1913 and, although the 42-ounce French press is a newish addition to the brand’s lineup, the same ruggedly handsome construction is exactly what sets this French press apart from other glass, plastic and ceramic models.

Of course, the freshness of the coffee and the coarseness of the grind play into the overall taste, but, ultimately, it’s the "Stanley factor" that makes all the difference with this French press.

That one conversation over French press coffee sparked Chicago French Press — a destination for freshly roasted organic coffee that connects java drinkers to philanthropic causes in underserved communities".

"French press coffee is for someone who enjoys taking their time to enjoy coffee as a pastime of gratitude and reflection," Christian says.

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