Investors buying the dip in this rout are getting run over

Investors buying the dip in this rout are getting run over

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Meanwhile, short-positioning, as measured by the percentage of shares that have been lent out, remains well below the one-year average for both funds, according to Markit data. “Leveraging the index (NDX) versus the single stocks (FAANMG) must look like an attractive strategy for investors at this point,” Sophie Huynh, multi-asset strategist at Societe Generale SA in London, said in an email, referring to the group of megacap-tech shares that includes giants such as Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. “What we like for example is to be long Old Tech vs New Tech.

As tech stocks led a selloff in U. S. equities that started last week, investors used the pullback to plow billions into funds tracking the Nasdaq — just in time for the next leg down. Almost $1. 7 billion was added to the Invesco QQQ Trust exchange-traded fund, ticker QQQ, in the final two days of last week.

The benchmark tech gauge was about 2. 5 per cent lower as of 10:20 a. m. in New York. “Given the past ‘buy the dip’ profile of tech, there is definitely a cohort of investors expecting the same this go around,” said Nathan Thooft, Manulife Investment Management’s head of global asset allocation.

Otherwise known as buffers, they offer to limit an investors downside risk in exchange for a cap on potential gains. “Investors shouldn’t disregard the warning signs,” said Guillermo Hernandez Sampere, head of trading at MPPM EK in Eppstein, Germany. “Higher volatility will lead to margin calls, which usually doesn’t have a good outcome.

With the S&P 500 finishing the week 2. 3 per cent lower and the Cboe Volatility Index jumping to the highest since June, several so-called defined outcome products tracking the benchmark gauge also lured cash.

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