Native Instruments crams its powerful music-making software in a standalone groovebox

Maschine+ brings the Maschine workflow and Komplete instruments to a standalone

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The + has a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM inside which allows it to run a selection of Native Instruments plugins even when it’s not connected to a computer. (Though, it can still operate as a controller for the Maschine software when plugged in.

This poses a challenge for companies like Native Instruments that have built an empire around making music on a computer.

When in standalone mode the Maschine+ will be able to run a whole bunch of plugins from the Komplete library, including softsynths like EDM stalwart Massive, FM8, Monark and Prism.

We’ll obviously have to wait to get our hands on one to see if Native Instruments has successfully captured the power and allure of its software instruments in a hardware device.

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