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Nice and

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It’s a curious decision to make the Xbox Series S’ sizable vent black instead of white to match the rest of the console.

However, the most eye-catching feature of the purported Xbox Series S is the large, circular black vent taking up an enormous amount of real estate on its side.

The video shows a top view of the console, which also has a vent, and demonstrates that the Xbox Series S is compact enough it could fit inside an Xbox Series X.

Known leaker Walking Cat also shared a four-second animated clip of the alleged Xbox Series S, which appears to have come from a promotional video.

The first images of the upcoming Xbox Series S have reportedly leaked, and it looks like a tabletop grill stood on its end.

The apparent Xbox Series S promotional image was shared by Thurrott’s Brad Sams on Monday.

According to the picture, the Xbox Series S will allegedly retail for $299 in the U. S. — a competitive price point, though exactly how competitive will depend upon what’s inside it.

BST Xbox has now confirmed the design of the Series S (which is the smallest Xbox ever) on its official Twitter feed.

Like previous Xbox consoles, it seems the Series S will operate either stood up or laid flat.

The image shows a compact white console alongside a white Xbox controller, with one visible USB port and no apparent disc drive.

The Xbox Series S’ beefier sibling the Xbox Series X is currently slated to arrive for the holidays, with the Series S likely not too far behind.

We may have gotten our first look at the upcoming Xbox Series S.

Mashable has reached out to Xbox for comment, but so far the closest thing to an official confirmation or denial is this cryptic tweet. UPDATE: Sept. 8, 2020, 8:26 a. m.

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