Orion WiFi will connect you to public WiFi when cell coverage is limited

Orion WiFi will seamlessly connect cellular customers to public WiFi when cell coverage is

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Orion WiFi is already working with Boingo, which has been offloading AT&T’s excess cellular traffic onto its public WiFi in places like Chicago O’Hare International airport and Los Angeles International airport since last year.

Verizon (Engadget’s parent company) is using Boingo to improve indoor 5G coverage, and Google Fi started pushing its customers’ traffic on Boingo’s public WiFi last month.

To do that, Area 120 just launched Orion WiFi, a platform that links carriers to public WiFi providers.

When customers of participating carriers walk into a building or space with public WiFi, Orion will automatically and securely connect their devices to the WiFi.

Google Fi and Republic Wireless are two of the first participating cellular carriers, and Orion is partnering with WiFi manufacturers like Cisco Systems, CommScope and Juniper Mist.

Through the Orion platform, public WiFi providers will sell their capacity to carriers.

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