Peloton is getting cheaper with new Bike and Tread options

Peloton's got a new, lower-end treadmill and a higher-end

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The Peloton Bike+ packs a slightly larger, 23. 8-inch rotating touchscreen that’ll turn away from the ride position, making floor classes (like yoga) far easier.

The Peloton Bike+ will cost $2,495 and is available to order from tomorrow, with the existing Peloton Bike staying around as a more affordable option.

And, for pricing, the Peloton Tread will set you back $2,495, with finance options available, while the Tread+ will be priced at $4,295.

At the same time, Peloton is adding a lower-cost version of its Tread treadmill, and shifting around the branding to make things a little clearer.

Peloton, the company synonymous with at-home exercise, is updating its eponymous connected bike and treadmill.

That’ll be available to all members on September 15th and is taught by Peloton VP Robin Arzón, Jess Sims and Cody Rigsby.

At the same time, Bike owners will be able to sign up to Bike Bootcamp, a series of classes that integrates bike work with strength training and total body workouts.

The Bike will be priced at $1,895, and both machines will be available to try for 30-days as before, while finance options are available for $49 a month.

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