Sony Launches Three Spectacular New Home Cinema Projectors

Including a 10,000 lumens supermodel

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It also claims to deliver 100% of the digital cinema DCI-P3 colour gamut without having to dim the image, and gets a new X1 Ultimate For Projector processor which, as with the X1 Ultimate chipset Sony uses in its high-end TVs, adds even more precision and refinement to the picture through tools such as digital contrast optimization, object-based HDR remastering and object-based resolution enhancement.

The laser lighting system means brightness and colour remain more or less consistent over the projector’s life time, too, and you can turn the projector on and off almost instantly, rather than having to wait for it to warm up/cool down as you have to with lamp projectors.

Its laser system introduces a new dedicated red laser to fix the slightly desaturated reds associated with the usual dual blue laser/phosphor wheel approach, and finally the GTZ380’s SXRD optical panel has been redesigned to be super light resistant to cope better with the 10,000 lumens light output.

Having spent time with an early sample of Sony’s new monster, though, I can confirm that if you are lucky enough to be able to afford/handle a GTZ380, it really does deliver an experience unlike anything I’ve seen from a home projector before.

Looking at the differences between the laser and lamp-based models, the laser model delivers a claimed maximum light output of 2000 lumens and 20,000 of claimed life from its laser light source.

With so much brightness at its disposal the GTZ380 can deliver HDR images with unprecedented punch and realism for the home projector market, as well as enabling bright images to be sustained on really huge screens/in huge rooms.

Also, despite the unprecedented amount of light the GTZ380 is capable of pumping out, patented cooling technologies enable it to run more quietly than many other high brightness projectors – even though its chassis is surprisingly compact.

The lamp model’s light output tops out at 1,800 lumens, and inevitably it doesn’t provide the maintenance/day to day usage advantages associated with laser projection.

The X1 For Projector system also impacts Sony’s Reality Creation technology, improving 2K to 4K upscaling but also adding more ‘real-world detail and texture’ to native 4K sources by improving the presentation of high frequency picture areas.

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