The 11 best video games to play with your significant other

The 11 best video games to play with your significant other

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The goal is simple: blow up your friends but don’t get yourself blown up, and across multiple platforms it’s stayed pretty much the same (well, except for the “gritty” Act Zero from 2006 which tried to transplant the basic gameplay into a realistic “dark future” setting) – you plant bombs and try to manipulate your enemies into getting blown up by them.

Platform games can sometimes be tricky for co-op play because if one player runs out of lives, they’re stuck watching while the more skilled gamer basically does all the work.

Okay, sure, the Tomb Raider franchise maybe isn’t the best representation of women in the world of video games, but Lara has moved beyond being just a pair of big polygonal boobs and transformed into an actual interesting character.

So, if you’re brave enough to achieve your dream of having the kind of relationship where you don’t leave the room sometimes because all the entertainment you two could ever need is sitting under the television, the above 11 games the best place to start.

Getting non-gamers into VR can be a struggle, but this brilliant co-op game is so easy to understand and fun to play that it’s a great bridge.

From cutesy co-op to some serious competition, these are video games that will strengthen your relationship or destroy it completely.

Monaco, by Pocketwatch Games, is a heist game starring a gang of pixelated criminals that have to rob a variety of buildings and locations.

The best co-op games don’t just get easier with more than one player – they also get harder.

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