Uber brings its green rides option to the US

Uber Green is coming to the US, letting you ask for an EV or hybrid to drive you to your

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In addition, the company is rolling out UberX + Transit to Chicago and Sydney to help switch between public transit and Uber in one go.

As part of the ride hailing giant’s commitment to change, especially post-COVID, the company is rolling out changes to help it go greener.

The company has said that it will help incentivize drivers — as part of an $800 million push — and riders to go green.

The most visible to users is the introduction of Uber Green to the US, letting users request a ride in a cleaner car.

Uber’s David Reich, who heads up the company’s transit division, has said that Uber isn’t planning to ditch Uber Pool and non-stop shared rides.

Uber Green is available in a number of European cities already, letting users opt for a “green” car to take them around.

Uber is also teaming up with car manufacturers, like GM in the US and Renault / Nissan in Europe, to help make battery EVs cheaper to buy for drivers.

Today, the company has published a Climate Assessment and Performance Report, which seeks to show how Uber’s carbon emissions are falling.

Riders, meanwhile, will get additional Uber Rewards points for every ride which can be used to pay for rides and meals.

Drivers of all clean cars will get a $0. 50 extra every ride, while those toting zero-tailpipe-emission cars — battery EVs — get an additional $1 for their trouble.

A combination of induced demand and dead miles as drivers shuttle to passengers means that Uber’s climate record is not a very peachy one.

The hope is that, when the pandemic subsides, users will be able to go back to embracing shared mobility to reduce the number of cars on the road.

The company will also affirm commitments to build out its own EV charging infrastructure and partner with local governments to support local clean air initiatives.

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