Uber Green comes to the U.S.

Uber Green comes to the

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Uber, of course, doesn’t own the cars its drivers use, so the ride-hailing company’s first action is working to expand the number of hybrid and all-electric vehicles you can request with a new ride mode called Uber Green in 15 cities in the U. S. and Canada.

From its first-ever Climate Assessment and Performance report, based on trips in the U. S. and Canada from 2017 through 2019, Uber rides with a plug-in electric vehicle are pretty rare.

Tuesday’s first report found that Uber’s carbon intensity is 41 percent higher than the average-occupancy vehicle ride in the U. S. (In the U. S. there’s an average 1. 67 people in a car. ) So there’s work to be done.

To get drivers to use electric vehicles, which are generally more expensive than gas-powered vehicles and require charging at public stations or home outlets instead of gas fill-ups, Uber pledged $800 million in resources.

Green trips also earn riders more points — three times the points for every dollar compared to only two times for an UberX trip — on Uber Rewards, the company’s loyalty program.

The new mode gives drivers in both hybrid or all-electric vehicles 50 cents more for driving that vehicle during every Green trip, and for those all-electric drivers in a Tesla, BMW i3, or Chevy Bolt, an additional $1 per trip.

But the joke that every Uber ride is a Toyota Prius holds up: The report found drivers use a hybrid, like the Prius, 5. 5 times more while logged onto Uber than the average U. S. car owner.

By 2030, the company wants 100 percent of trips in the U. S. , Canada, and Europe on electric vehicles or other zero-emission modes like e-scooters, or public transit through the app.

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