Why Neil Gaiman talking at you for 5 hours from your screen is totally worth $90

Why Neil Gaiman talking at you for 5 hours from your screen is totally worth $90

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The other thing you don’t get from a regular Gaiman video is the course book — a beautifully laid-out 94-page PDF with more in-depth discussion of the topics in each chapter, plus pointers to useful online resources and suggestions for questions to ask about your own novel. (This gave me XML errors the first time I tried to download it, but seems to be working fine now.

I watched both Gaiman’s entire course and its closest analog from last year, Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass, for comparison.

He dispenses private pearls from great writers such as Roger Zelazny, who told a young Gaiman to write short stories as if they were the last chapter of a novel he’d never written.  Gaiman, who (laughably) calls himself "fundamentally lazy," really liked that idea, and started knocking out top-notch short stories in a weekend.

The videos are shot in beautiful book-lined rooms that make you feel you’re in the author’s home. (In fact, MasterClass tells me, Gaiman was filmed at the Byrdcliffe Art Colony in Woodstock, New York, while Atwood was at the University of Toronto).

Emails after I completed both the Gaiman and Margaret Atwood classes invited me to keep the conversation going by "connecting with your classmates" on a page called "The Hub". Alas!

For all their pearls of wisdom, the advice that both Gaiman and Atwood give boils down to basically the same thing: You learn writing by writing, and especially by finishing.

A mere two months later, the screen version of Gaiman’s apocalyptic comedy book co-written with Terry Pratchett, Good Omens, is unleashed on an unsuspecting world via Amazon Prime.

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